Attention to indoor air quality is more important than ever.

The more energy efficient our buildings become, the more we need to be concerned with indoor air quality. To ensure energy efficiency, a structure needs a really tight building envelope, one that keeps the warm air in and cold air out (or vice versa). And that means that fresh air must be imported for the inhabitants via an air exchange system. The more inhabitants in the building, the more fresh air is needed.

Materials that off-gas can compromise the environment within a building envelope, despite the air exchange system. Flame retardants in foam and fabrics, commonly used stain repellants, formaldehyde in cabinetry, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in paint, glues and materials in flooring: these are among the things which compromise indoor air quality.

As interior designers, we are educated, conscientious and dedicated to making your living environment a healthy one by incorporating safe, non-toxic building materials.

Local, sustainable materials are our first choice for resources. Not only does that mean a better local economy, it’s actually less expensive for our clients.

We make choices that minimize our environmental footprint. We work with clients to repurpose materials, whenever we can economically do so.

Great design is a collaborative process. With collaboration, the ideas come faster and easier. We all benefit from collective intelligence.

Not only do we collaborate with our clients, we collaborate with architects, engineers, contractors – with any and all of the trades and professions – to produce a complete and holistic picture with a more creative outcome, more functional results, and a more beautiful aesthetic.

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. By using a systematic process to develop what the client envisions, we combine our experience with the unique preferences of our clients to exceed expectations.

Our process allows options to be weighed, to be compared and contrasted, to provide clients with just the right element to arrive at the ideal design destination, with optimal results.

We worry about the details, in planning and documentation, so you don’t have to.

We create design drawings and specifications that allow builders to execute construction efficiently, with the budget in mind. Clients are confident in their choices, and in the results of those choices.

Design is in the details, in documented form – and that’s exactly what we deliver.