Marin Showcase – Potters Studio

Marin Showcase – Potters Studio

This showcase, the joint effort of two designers, was an opportunity to express a primary principle of our design philosophy: the difference is in the details. We created an in-home potter’s studio that works beautifully — and practicably. When closed, the window screens still admit natural light. Adjustable track lighting allows the potter to bring more illumination whenever and wherever desired. Shelves display pottery – in this instance, the work of local artists. All the other pieces (a stunning copper sink, cast-concrete counter surface and backsplash, plenty of storage drawers, and a floor that can be hosed clean of clay or glazes) combine to produce an ideal home studio.

What Others Say

Moore Design is the best. Working with the team was a great experience. Heading up the project, Michelle really listened to our wants and needs. Then, working within our price range, she provided several options from which to choose. The end result was a beautiful office. We get positive feedback all the time.

Debbie and Steve R.

Business Owners

Debbie and Steve R.