Piedmont Home Remodel

Piedmont Home Remodel

The cool, delicate tones of fine Carrara marble and sophisticated, whisper soft pastels define the parameters of this master suite redux in an elegant home from the 1930s. Warmth and texture are introduced here through a lovely antique rug and exquisitely wrought woods. A slight and deliberate asymmetrical arrangement balances the unusual lines of the ceiling. The bath is an oasis of calm etched in period details: a console sink, a beveled mirror, elegant sconces, and ceramic as well as marble tiles, all polished with a sparkle of silver.

What Others Say

Moore Design is the best. Working with the team was a great experience. Heading up the project, Michelle really listened to our wants and needs. Then, working within our price range, she provided several options from which to choose. The end result was a beautiful office. We get positive feedback all the time.

Debbie and Steve R.

Business Owners

Debbie and Steve R.